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Madeleine de Jean
a/k/a Madam Champagne

Our dear friend Madeleine has been quite busy with the release of her novel “The Night Julius Caesar Invented Champagne”. She explains details of the book and its many years of historical research. She has done an astounding job weaving in her friends Wolf Gang Puck and Julia Child into the story! Madeleine also shares her tips on food and champagne!

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Radio Interview with Didier Pariente
of Moroccan Wines

By Christopher J. Davies
Wine Country International® magazine

Christopher gets to explore the world of Moroccan Wines with their Brand Ambassador. Moroccan wine is taking America by storm. They are producing mainly French varietals, Rose and a white blend that includes an indigenous grape named Faranah.
With 40 million bottles produced last year, Morocco is the largest muslim wine producing country.

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