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Christopher J, Davies


Listen to the Shows

Show #41

Recorded in Studio May 1, 2014

Madeleine de Jean
a/k/a Madam Champagne

  • Our dear friend Madeleine has been quite busy with the release of her novel “The Night Julius Caesar Invented Champagne”.
    She explains details of the book and its many years of historical research. She has done an astounding job weaving in her friends Wolf Gang Puck and Julia Child into the story! Madeleine also shares her tips on food and champagne!

Show #40

Recorded in Studio April 29, 2014

  • Didier Pariente of Moroccan Wines
  • Christopher gets to explore the world of Moroccan Wines with their Brand Ambassador. Moroccan wine is taking America by storm. They are producing mainly French varietals, Rose and a white blend that includes an indigenous grape named Faranah.
    With 40 million bottles produced last year, Morocco is the largest muslim wine producing country.

Show #39

Broadcast Live August 31, 2013

  • Session 1
    Thomas Francioni, Marketing Manager Consorzio Vino Nobile di Montepulciano
  • Session 2
    Krista Heinicke| Food and Beverage Marketing and PR Manager
    at The Broadmoor Resort, Colorado Springs
  • Session 3 & 4
    Chris & Darcy Davies share experiences on traveling to Venice
    and adjacent islands.

Show #38

Broadcast Live August 17, 2013

  • Session 1
    Glenn Foster, Founder, Owner and Winemaker at Talon Wine Brands of Colorado.
  • Session 2
    Chris & Darcy talk about exciting happenings in Italy and share an Interview of Paula Sullivan at Abbondanza Tuscana in Lucca, Italy.
  • Session 3 & 4
    Barrie Lynn, The Cheese Impresario talks about recent American Cheese Society convention winners.

Show #37

Broadcast Live August 10, 2013

  • Session 1
    Dan Guenther, Rail Europe
  • Session 2
    Chris & Darcy talk about travel to Italy
  • Session 3 & 4
    Barrie Lynn, The Cheese Impresario talks about recent American Cheese Society convention winners.

Show #36

Broadcast Live July 27, 2013

  • Session 1
    Guest: Debbie Terry of MTH Farm,(which stands for Muck em, Truck em Herding), talks about Colorado lamb.
  • Session 2
    Guests: Interview with the founders of Much Needed Vacations. Topic is Mexico all-inclusive vacations.
  • Session 3
    Guest: Carol Mueller, Vice President of Communications for Travel Guard Insurance talks about travel insurance benefits.
  • Session 4
    Guest: Roger L. Beery II, Founder of the highly influential Bacchus and Beery Wine Blog

Show #35

Broadcast Live July 20, 2013

  • Session 1
    GUEST: Former White House Chef John Moeller
  • Session 2
    GUEST: Former White House Chef John Moeller
  • Session 2
    GUEST: Former White House Chef John Moeller
    GUEST: Ron Kapon, Wine Educator & Journalist
  • Session 4
    GUEST: Ron Kapon, Wine Educator & Journalist

Show #34

Broadcast Live July 13, 2013

  • Session 1
    Michael Edick, GM of the Oakville Grocery, Napa.
  • Session 2
    Winemaker Marc Mondavi of The Diving Rod Wines.
  • Session 2
    Paul Wagner, President of Balsac Communications talks about Montepulciano
  • Session 4
    Scott Monette, GM and Co-owner of Flagstaff House Restaurant, Boulder.

Show #33

Broadcast Live June 29, 2013

  • Session 1
    Jeff Bush, Winemaker at Madrona Vineyards, El Dorado Wine Country.
  • Session 2
    Jody Franklin, Director of Tourism El Dorado County Visitor's Authority.
  • Session 2
    Chris & Darcy describe their visit to El Dorado Wine Country.
  • Session 4
    Robin Penning, Public Relations Director and Jeremy Grossman Execitive Chef at the Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe.

Show #32

Broadcast Live June 15, 2013

  • Session 1
    Guest: Book editor Cynthia Clayton discusses the new Michelin "Wine Trails of Italy" book.
  • Session 2
    Chris & Darcy chat about Italy travel to Verona, Tuscany & Venice.
  • Session 2
    Winning results of the 4th Annual Pairsine Chefs Food & Beer Competition.
  • Session 4
    Menus & beer pairings from the 2013 Pairsine Chefs Food & Beer Pairing Competition.

Show #31

Broadcast Live June 8, 2013

  • Session 1
    Chris & Darcy talk about an exciting week of wine dinners, Wines From La Mancha Spain and an exclusive lunch and Champagne tasting with Benoit Gouez, Chef De Cave of Moet & Chandon.
  • Session 2
    Chef/Farmer Alex Seidel of Fruition Restaurant & Farm
  • Session 2
    Wine Professional Michelle Bainbridge talks about her recent trip to Turkey and Greece.
  • Session 4
    Brady Lowe founder of Cochon 555 talks all things heritage Pig!

Show #30

Broadcast Live June 1, 2013

  • Session 1
    Pierre Wolfe legendary broadcaster & chef talks about his new novel "The Tall Ones"
  • Session 2 & 3
    Barrie Lynne, The Cheese Impresario talks about amazing cheese and wine pairings
  • Session 4
    Chef Joe Troupe of Lucky Pie Pizza unveils beer and food pairing tips

Show #29

Broadcast Live May 18, 2013

  • Session 1
    Interview with Ben Addoms is the Founder and Chief Marketing Office for The Quintess Collection
  • Session 2
    Interview with the founders of Much Needed Vacations
  • Session 3
    Chris & Darcy rave about the Balistreri Barrel Tasting Dinner with food creations by Chef Hosea Rosenberg of Blackbelly Catering
  • Session 4
    Chris & Darcy share 2012 wine industry facts and touring and tasting tips for exploring America's best wine regions this summer!

Show #28

Broadcast Live May 11, 2013

  • Session 1
    Darcy and Chris talk BBQ and easy, delicious recipes for Prosciutto Chicken Thighs, BBQ Cesar Salad and Parmesan Grilled Corn
  • Session 2
    Live Interview with Seattle Chef and Restaurateur Tom Douglas.
  • Session 3
    (Cont'd) Live Interview with Seattle Chef and Restaurateur Tom Douglas.
  • Session 4
    Chris & Darcy's travel tips on the National Parks, Yellowstone & Jackson Hole Wyoming

Show #27

Broadcast Live May 4, 2013

  • Segment 1
    Darcy and Chris explore the Boulder Farmers Market and Fruition Farms.
  • Segment 2
    Guest: Chef Sean McGaughey of Opus Fine Dining and Aria Wine Bar, Denver
  • Segment 3
    Guest: Claude Robbins, President of The International Wine Guild
  • Segment 4
    Chris & Darcy discuss great wine books, boxed wine and screwcaps versus corks.

Show #26

Broadcast Live April 27, 2013

  • Segment 1
    Albuquerque New Mexico
    Guest: Maresa Thompson, Marketing & Creative Director for The Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town
  • Segment 2
    GUEST: Chef Michael Long
    Beer dinner, Beer & Food Pairing
  • Segment 3
    Albuquerque New Mexico
    GUESTS: Brian Stafford,President & Owner and Jim Garcia, VP of Operations at Sadies of New Mexico
  • Segment 4
    Michelle Kopriva, Owner Snow Creek Ranch

Show #25

Broadcast Live April 13, 2013

  • Segment 1
    Julie Balistreri, Balistreri Vineyards, Denver, CO
  • Segment 2
    Jay Fletcher, MS, Director Of Fine Wines At Southern Wines & Spirits and instructor for The Court Of Master Sommeliers
  • Segment 3
    Paula Dezzutti, Co-Founder of Local Choice Spirits
  • Segment 4
    Steve Kurowski, Marketing Manager, Colorado Brewers Guild

Show #24

Broadcast Live April 6, 2013

  • A Travel, Wine & Cuisine Classic Re-Broadcast
  • This show features Tony and Maureen Wheeler, Founders Of
    Lonely Planet Publications.

Show #23

Broadcast Live March 30, 2013

  • Segment # 1 & 2
    Christopher & Darcy talk about Easter & Pizza.
    Guest caller Holly Kinney proprietress of The Fort Restaurant.

  • Segment # 3 & 4
    Christopher & Darcy talk about Ireland's "The Gathering" promotion. & Marseille, France

Show #22

Broadcast Live March 16, 2013

  • Segment # 1
    Darcy & Christopher Discuss Denver International Beer Competition, St Patrick’s Day and travel tips on Ireland

  • Segment # 2
    GUEST: Celebrity Chef Noel Mcmeel, the executive chef at Lough Erne Resort in Ireland. St. Patrick's Day and Ireland's Emerging Culinary Scene.

  • Segment # 3
    GUEST: William Allen, Two Shepard Winery & The Rhone Rangers

  • Segment # 4
    Darcy & Christopher talk about Colorado Craft Beer Week & Travel tips for Rome, Italy

Show #21

Broadcast March 2, 2013

  • Segment # 1
    Tom Fisher. Founder & Producer of The Bourbon Blog

  • Segment # 2
    David Hunt, Owner & Winemaker of Hunt Cellars, Blind winemaker David Hunt sees NO OBSTACLES in pursuing his dream as an award-winning vintner and acclaimed musician.

  • Segment # 3
    Natalie Guinovart, President of Wine For Thought, Master of Wine candidate, Certified Sommelier, Certified Wine Educator and Certified WSET Educator & Senior Tasting Panelist at VinoTasting.Com

  • Segment # 4
    Rafael Craveiro, President of CRAVEIRO Importers of Premium Beverages

Show #21

Artist Thomas Arvid

  • Thomas Arvid has achieved International acclaim with his still-life compositions of wine and the rituals surrounding its consumption. The self-taught artist translates abstract composition and a talent for portraying light and color into delicious, super-realistic oil paintings of wine. Many who see Arvid's work for the first time, mistake his paintings for photography.
  • Hosts Chris & Darcy Davies have met Thomas several times over the past few years.They are big fans and currently own a rare Arvid artist proof painting. Chris met up with Thomas during a recent visit to Denver. Listen to Thomas Arvid's candid and revealing interview.

Show #20

  • In studios, Chef Michael Long, Chef & Proprietor of Opus Restaurant, Littleton, Colorado
  • Debra Bokur Author, Journalist and SPA and Wellness Expert discusses her recent Trans-Atlantic cruise on the QM-2

Show #19

Darcy Davies returns from Paris with her ten best things to do list.

  • Julia Flynn Siler, Author of The House of Mondavi: The Rise and Fall of an American Wine Dynasty
  • Kate MacMurray, Brand Ambassador, MacMurray Ranch Wines Sonoma, California Kate is the daughter of actor Fred MacMurray and June Haver, one of Hollywood’s best loved couples and most respected actors

Show # 18

  • Co-Host Darcy Davies calls in 'live" from Paris. Rafael Craveiro, President, InterBev & Beverage Director of Rodizio Grill, Denver, joins Chris Davies as Guest Co-Host in studios.
  • The Brown Palace, Denver, Colorado Travel, Wine & Cuisine Radio will host experts from Denver's legendary Brown Palace in studio for the full hour; Chef Curtis Lincoln, Tami Baxter, Spa Director and Julia Kanelos, Historian.

Show #17

Host's Chris & Darcy Davies discuss Darcy's upcoming trip to Paris with a list of hot things to do.

  • Brice Bay, president and CEO of 10Best Inc. Since starting the company in 1999, Brice has been instrumental in securing national and international partnerships with hotels, airlines and other travel industry companies around the world.
  • Larry Hyde, HDV wines, Carneros, CA, calls in with a "live" report from The Aspen Food & Wine Festival.

Show #16

  • Tony and Maureen Wheeler, Co-founders of Lonely Planet Publications Travel tips from around the world. We discuss their two new book releases. Unlikely Destinations: The Lonely Planet Story is a unique mix of autobiography, business history and travel book.Badlands: A book about risky travel destinations.

Show #15

Host's Chris & Darcy Davies offer travel tips on New York City, The Feast of San Genaro & their favorite NYC restaurant Angelo's of Mulberry Street.

  • R.A Scotti, Author of "BASILICA"
    The Splendor and the Scandal
    Building St. Peter's
  • Chef/Owner Andrea Frizzi, Il Posto Ristorante, Denver.
    Andrea shares several delicious and easy summer recipes.

Show #14

Host's Christopher & Darcy Davies provide travel tips on Paris.
Call in guests:

  • Brooke Gabbert, Public Relations Manager Elitch Gardens Theme Park, Denver
  • Thomas J. McAliney, Executive Chef of Brandt Beef – The True Natural
    Tips and recipes to make your summer barbeques sizzle!

Show #13

  • Tim Baldwin, Beverage Director at The Broadmoor,
    Colorado Springs
  • Michael Evans,CEO of The Vines of Mendoza, Argentine
    Wine Club

Show #12

  • Special guest in studio, Fred Noe III, The Great Grandson of Jim Beam. We temporarily change the name of the show to "Travel, Whiskey & Cuisine" in his honor!
  • Call-in guest Stephen Moore, CEO & Founder of organic food maker Helen's Kitchen takes a mother’s recipe and family favorite to the marketplace.
  • Fred Noe, provide a history of Bourbon and defines the world of whiskey.

Show #11

  • Host's Chris & Darcy Davies offer travel trips on Adelaide, South Australia and South Australia wine countries.
  • Keth Villa, Master Brewer for Coors Brewing Company
    Keith Villa, a Colorado native, is the Master Brewer for the Blue Moon Brewing Company, an operating unit of the Coors Brewing Company.
  • Lucy Brennan Author of "Hip Sips, Modern Cocktails to Raise Your Spirits" Lucy Brennan shakes up the cocktail world with more than 60 refreshing drinks brimming with exotic combinations of ripened fruits, herbs, flavorings, and spirits.

Show # 10

  • Host's Chris & Darcy Davies offer tips on visiting NAPA and San Francisco. Luxury resorts,value-priced hotels, gourmet restaurants, winebars and more!
  • Review of Sonoma Meets the Rocky Mountains” at the Omni Interlocken Resort. Guests include Chad Oakes, F&B Director of the Omni Interlocken Resort and winning Chef Jake Linzinmeir owner of the Bluepoint Grill & Noir Bar, Telluride, CO.

Show # 9

  • Hosts Christopher & Darcy Davies discuss travel experiences in Mendoza Argentina. 16 mins
  • Carol Mueller, Director, Marketing Communications,
    AIG Travel Guard AIG Travel Guard, The industry's leading provider of travel insurance plans.19 mins.
  • Rick Kushman, Co-Author "A Moveable Thirst: Tales and Tastes from a Season in Napa Wine Country" His new book is A ROLLICKING WINE COUNTRY TRAVELOGUE plus, Get the Lowdown on 141 Napa Tasting Rooms, From Top-Name Wineries to
    Hidden Gems. 21 mins.

Show #8

  • Debra Bokur, Wellness Editor at Healing Lifestyles & Spas Magazine. Debra provides listeners with the latest info on Spa's and healthy rejuvenation. 16mins
  • Madeleine Sophie de Jean, Brand Ambassador G.H. Mumm, Riems, France, Madeleine discusses the history of Mumm Champagne details a century and a half of passion. 11 mins

Show #7

  • An entire show covering Munich Germany. We celebrate Lufthansa German Airlines new non-stop flights from Denver to Munich. Kelsey O'Brien, District Sales Manager Lufthansa German Airlines. 20 mins
  • Richard L. Blakey, Director Industry Relations N.A, Munich Tourist Office. 22 mins.

Show # 6

  • Doug Krenik, Master Sommelier and European Wine Specialist for Southern Wine and Spirits in Denver, Colorado. 18 mins
  • Patrick Clark, Managing Director of Avalon Waterways, specializing in sailing some of Europe’s most picturesque rivers. 19mins

Show # 5
  • Helen Webber, Co-Founder of Webbers Lodge, Churchill,
    Manitoba, Canada 22 mins
  • Georgeanne Brennan award-winning, Author of "Pig in Provence"
    Good Food and Simple Pleasures in the South of France. 23 mins

Show #4

  • Umberto Luchini, Director of Campari Group Brands, San Francisco.Topic: Cinzano vermouth celebrates 250 year anniversary! 16 mins
  • Chef Jon-Paul Hutchins, Executive Chef, Scottsdale Culinary Institute
    16 mins

Show #3

  • Dr. Connie Guttersen, R.D., Ph.D.,the author of the New York Times bestseller The Sonoma Diet and its companion book, The Sonoma Diet Cookbook. 16 mins
  • Diane Teitelbaum, American Airlines new wine consultant.
    15 mins
  • "Wine of the Week" with Darcy Davies, Co-Founder of Wine Country International® magazine. 2 mins "Travel Tips" by Joann Thompson 8 mins

Show #2

  • Mark Donohue, Executive Head Chef, Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort, Limerick,Ireland- 15 mins
  • Carmen M. Rubino, Jr., CMP Director of Sales and Marketing
    JW MARRIOTT Las Vegas Resort and Spa- 12 mins
  • Richard Mangogna,Singer/ Songwriter of "The Merc's"
    New York- 8 mins
  • Julie Balistreri, Co-Proprietor of Balistreri Vineyards, Denver, Colorado, Andrea Frizzi, Chef/Owner ILPOSTO,Denver, Colorado 10 mins

Show # 1

Featured guests:

  • Antonio de Livier, Chief Chef of Pueblo Bonito Ocean Front Resorts, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Chef "Tonio" describes Mexico's forgotten cuisine, his restaurants "LaFrida" and Felini’s and his friend, rocker & Tequila maker Sammy Hagar. 15 mins
  • Tim Mondavi of America’s legendary Mondavi Family, live from Napa. Tim talks about his family history, the importance of wine with food and the Mondavi's new wine company Continuum. 16 mins
  • Richard Grant, Director of Communications for the Denver Metro Convention & Visitor Bureau. Rich talks about Denver restaurants and "Denver Restaurant
    Week". 12 mins